[How To] Build a Custom Computer Desk For Less Than $40 (Versatile’s Desk Make Over)

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[How To] Build a Custom Computer Desk For Less Than $40 (Versatile’s Desk Make Over)

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For the longest time, I wanted to build a simple, yet effective computer desk. I only have two main priorities for this desk:

1) It should be long enough to handle 2 computer workstations for video tutorials and LAN/online gaming sessions.

2) Keep it as clean and organized as possible.

I did the best I can, and I cranked this out in a weekend. When all is said and done, I made this particular desk for less than $40 USD. Your results will vary, depending on what you have available already at your disposable, and of course, how creative you want to be.

Below is my approximate breakdown of my costs:

1) 6ft x 25″ shelf board: $15
2) 3 ft by 12″ shelf board (for monitor stand): $1 (after rebate)
3) 4 door stops: $4
4) 2 – 2 inch covers for routing cables (optional): $4
5) Pack of wood screws, binder clips, and washers: $4
6) Driver tool set to drill 2-inch holes (optional, will affect cost depending if you have this or not): $8
7) Misc. cable ties: $2
8) 2 file shelving cabinets (had these already): $0 . The file cabinet idea is great because now you can store your miscellaneous computer stuff and have it hidden from view. xD

Just in curious about the leg space, there is ample room right in front of the file cabinet area. It really is a non-issue. I haven’t hurt my feet or knees or anything like that. Of course, I can always move the middle computer section over a little bit to get more space if needed.

Your results will vary, depending if you have existing equipment to make the legs, etc. Some users like to get a simple plain door, and use that as a desk.

Instead of using two file cabinets for table support, I’ve seen cases where people used milk crates instead, or angle iron brackets.

Whatever the case maybe, just remember, the sky is the limit! Have fun! If you got a great computer setup, let us know and send us the link!

Update 1: Since this video was originally made, I’ve made some minor adjustments to add more support to the desk and rearranged items around for more leg room. Just be creative with your setup!

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Looking for inspiration? See the google images link here for more file cabinet desk ideas. It’s not as crazy as you think: http://tinyurl.com/q3jm3xx

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