[How To] Install and Play PSP Games on Modded PS3 PKG Tutorial (2016)

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[How To] Install and Play PSP Games on Modded PS3 PKG Tutorial (2016)

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***Read Below***
This tutorial was made per youtube subscriber tutorial request. This is the .PKG method.

Important thing to note is not all PSP games are compatible will work, so it will be hit or miss. It’s possible that extra codes may need to be required or special eboot fixes to make certain games work.

If you know how to do that, please leave a comment to a guide.


Note about alternative method:
1) Install PSP Launcher from store.brewology.net.
2) Copy the PSP ISO file to PSPISO folder on the PS3 either thru FTP or USB.
3) Play iso via webman mod or multiman.

*Links For the Video*
PSP to PS3 program: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/XtsILgRd/file.html

PSP Compatibility lists:


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