[How To] Install FMCB for Playstation 2 Slim (Or fat) Tutorial for PS2 Enthusiasts! [CC]

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[How To] Install FMCB for Playstation 2 Slim (Or fat) Tutorial for PS2 Enthusiasts! [CC]

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***Read Below***
Free Mcboot is basically a way to make your PS2 memory card exploited. Once you got this mod installed, you can start installing homebrew programs, and unleash the true potential of your PS2.

Some quick notes:
1) FMCB is not compatible with most PS2 slim models of the SCPH-9XXXX vintage. If you want to see if your PS2 slim that is SCPH-9XXX series is compatible, see more info below:

If your SCPH-9000xx PS2 has a datecode of 8D and later, FMCB will not work.
If your SCPH-9000xx PS2 has a datecode of 8C, maybe FMCB will work. (If your BIOS is version 220, yes. If it is 230, you are screwed.)
If your SCPH-9000xx PS2 has a datecode of 8B and earlier, FMCB will work.yes.

2) Yes, FMCB works with the fat PS2.
3) I am using a SCPH-70012 and it works great.
4) How do I install FMCB for my vanilla PS2?
answer: You need a third party tool like swap magic, AR Max, a modded PS2, or a friend who has a modded PS2 to help you install FMCB.

No, you cannot install it for free without using any tools. If you go to the psx-scene forum, there is a thread where there are volunteers where you can mail your memory card ( you pay postage) both ways and the guys will mod your memory card for free.
Note: If you are looking for a way to get Free Mcboot installed, you can visit the psx-scene forums for volunteers in your country that can do it for free.

As an alternative for my viewers, I have a limited amount of memory cards for sale (that includes FMCB). If you are interested in having your memory card modded, I can do that too. Service provided only for USA residents. If interested, send an email to [email protected] If you have FMCB questions, please ask!

Remember, you don’t have to take my offer for FMCB, there are many other people online who can help you. It just comes down to who do you trust more? xD

– Versatile
*Links For the Tutorial*

Specific link to the noobie package: http://sksapps.com/index.php?page=exploit.html

007 Agent under fire disc swap method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp1uvnN-2z8&feature=youtu.be


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