[How To] Install the Tape, Tissue, and Straw Mod for Slim Playstation 2 Tutorial! (Good Lighting)

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[How To] Install the Tape, Tissue, and Straw Mod for Slim Playstation 2 Tutorial! (Good Lighting)

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Added 3/1/2014:
Note: This video is only half the mod. Blocking the sensors only without doing anything else is NOT enough. You still need a way to boot your homebrew or backup discs using swap magic, modchip, exploited memory card, etc. Click here for introduction to PS2 modding to learn more.

Original update:
Important: My video has excellent lighting for this “complicated” mod. Please watch, don’t disregard as a lame Playstation 2 tutorial. You will be pleased!
This is my most favorite Playstation 2 tutorial I have done in my entire Playstation 2 modding career. Why? The Playstation 2 is the console that made me go online with a blog (and now Youtube) to share my epic knowledge. As a gamer, I love to take gaming to the next level, and there is nothing more satisfying in this world than making a game console do something that the developers never imagined in their wildest dreams.

Plus, I made this video as a direct retaliation against all sucky Youtube video tutorials!

After all, existing Youtube Playstation 2 videos done by other video content creators in regards to the straw mod suck. By suck, I mean:
1) Video is too dark, can’t see the straw or tape mod!
2) Video is silent.
3) Narration is very irritating
4) In some videos, the video creator is unsure of himself while teaching, and I HATE that!

In my video, I will show you with confidence and ease:
1) How to install the straw mod (the Versatile method, never seen before in other content video provider videos). In fact, I spend a lot of time talking about the straw, because I suffered trying to make this work, and you deserve to install the straw as easily as possible.
2) How to do the tape mod.
3) How to do the tissue mod.

For a deeper tutorial on this mod (text and FAQ), please see the blog link article below. Enjoy! – Versatile

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