[How To] Play Counter-Strike Global Offensive Online Using Junkies Client Tutorial

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[How To] Play Counter-Strike Global Offensive Online Using Junkies Client Tutorial

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***Read Below***
04-26-14: See my newest video tutorial on CS GO based upon April 2014 update files. Thanks!

11-9-13: Great news. Junkies client is working now. See latest details here: http://forum.planetcss.com/topic/1953-rel-csgo-properly-patched-by-junkies/

7-20-13: Bad news guys. Junkies client is no longer functioning. Please wait for a proper fix and visit the planetcss.com forums for latest updates.

Update: Real world proof recorded with my camera of this method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uhPDUpXwiU&feature=youtu.be

100% way to play CS:GO Online Using Junkies Client.

Thanks to Royalgamer06 for informing me of this badass solution.

Text tutorial:
1. Register and Login with your Account: http://forum.planetcss.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register

2. Download the latest attached files: http://forum.planetcss.com/topic/1241-client/

3. Extract the Archive anywhere and run the Setup
4. After finishing Installation, run the “Junkies Client” from the Desktop as Administrator
5. Click on the “Log On…”-Button and Login with your Account
6. (Optional) Wait for your Turn in Queue
7. Click on the “Install/Update”-Button
8. After finishing, click on the “Patch”-Button
9. (Optional) Change your Nickname and/or Create a Shortcut
10. Start the Game via Shortcut or Launcher
11. In Menu, select “Browse Community Servers” and Join any Non-Steam Server
12. Have Fun

Want to enable LAN?

1) In your console, type “sv_lan 1” (no quotes).
2) Now type “map de_dust2” (no quotes) or whatever map you want.
3) Your friends join you in the LAN tab.

LAN Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV674RqvHpI

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