[How To] Play Crusader Kings II LAN Tutorial (VPN Program Optional)

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[How To] Play Crusader Kings II LAN Tutorial (VPN Program Optional)

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***Read Below***
Thank your fellow youtube gamer TheTheFable for requesting this video to be made. I will show you how easy it is to play this game online, or do LAN online even.

Note: I am using the disconnect method.

Quick and dirty text tutorial:
1) Install game. Get latest update for the game.
2) Get the LANFix file. Extract to game folder. All latest files here: http://www.tunngle.net/wiki/Network:Crusader_Kings_II

3) If using tunngle, go into the Crusader Kings II room. Otherwise, use whatever method you want.
4) Disconnect from the Internet. Start game.
5) Host your game. Reconnect to internet.
6) Tell your friends to join you using Join Internet Game method.

1) I can’t join my friend’s game. It says different version?
Answer: Make sure your game has same checksum as your other gamers. The checksum is the 4 letters inside the ( ) when you go inside the game.

2) How do I make my checksum the same as other gamers?
Answer: This is a dicey question. If you had downloaded the game and it was some special “repack”, your repack version (even if patched with latest game patch) will never ever match the checksum of the non-repack game.

Therefore, repack players should play with repack players. Non-repack players should play with non-repack players.

Still don’t understand? Use the exact same copy as your gamer friends and life will be good.

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