[How To] Play Neverwinter Nights LAN Online Tutorial (Tunngle Optional)

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[How To] Play Neverwinter Nights LAN Online Tutorial (Tunngle Optional)

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***Read Below***
[This video is dedicated to Tunngle User ImmortalizedSoul, as he has proven to me that there was hope for this game. Thanks.]

Neverwinter Nights does work online very easily. If you want to bypass the bioware server, this is how:

Open notepad as admin. Go to system,system32 , drivers ,etc. Open the hosts file. Add to the bottom “” nwmaster.bioware.com””

Save the file. Run the game. Host LAN and you are good to go. This method is good if your key got banned for whatever reason, but you still have the itch to play online.

If having trouble joining a game because it gives a name error or similar, make sure to join the game the instant the HOST creates it.

My short story from 2010 when this video was originally made:
Earlier this week, my friend gave me a copy of his Neverwinter Nights game rip. It was called Neverwinter Nights 1M edition. Basically, it had all the diamond and platinum content in one custom installer. No ISO. Just a Setup.exe that let’s you install what you want.

So I installed the base game on both of my PCs. I tried to connect to my laptop on LAN, but could not?! I read 20+ guides online, did all these tricks. Even used tunngle ip address in the host file instead of and all these other private server solutions. In the tunngle room, people could join my server, but yet I could not join them? It was the damnest thing in the world.

So in the end, I was sick of Bioware and I wanted to throw this game into the ends of the Earth. As a last resort, I went online and downloaded an ISO of Neverwinter Nights – Diamond Edition.

I’m sorry Bioware, but I just had to do it. I’m not even a fan of your games. I just wanted to verify the method. 🙂

Anyway, ISO files are perfect because they are not tampered. Installed it on both of my PCs, and the LAN worked right away! I wasted 6+ hours on a game rip that had its own networking capabilities broken?! Shame on me.

Moral of the story: Do not use game rips when you can get an ISO instead.

Trivia fact: After the tutorial was done, I un-installed the game and deleted Neverwinter Nights. I will never ever play this game, nor do I intend to. Do not look for me to be your NWN buddy. Use Tunngle. 🙂

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Tunngle wiki: http://www.tunngle.net/wiki/Neverwinter_Nights

Find this wallpaper (see 2010 gallery): http://versatile.minus.com

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