[How To] Properly Burn Games For The Dreamcast (Using Disc Juggler, ImgBurn)

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[How To] Properly Burn Games For The Dreamcast (Using Disc Juggler, ImgBurn)

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See the link below that has more information about the necessary settings under the “Advanced tab” in discjuggler. I didn’t go over this in my video, and surprisingly, my games so far have burnt fine.


Boot games (Games that have 1 track and 1 session on the disc). Use these settings:

Mode 1
Offset 0

For games that are self-boot (Games that have 2 or 3 sessions on a disc), use these settings:

Mode 2
Offset 0

Got a Dreamcast? Have a game file that you don’t know how to burn? Watch the tutorial and get up to speed! No more excuses. You have the power to be great, so stop disappointing yourself and get started today!

If you have a CDI file, and Disc Juggler says the structure is invalid and if you want Disc Juggler to fix it, say NO. Self boot discs may appear to have incorrect structure to Disc Juggler. This is fine!

1) If 2 session disc, use Disc Juggler.
2) If 1 session disc, you can use Disc Juggler or IMGBurn.

*Links For the Tutorial*

Learn more about Dreamcast games and burning them:


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