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Anything created by Project Phoenix Media or property of Project Phoenix Media, such as but not limited to, vstPower, GameDexterity, Bacon Strips United [BACN], or any servers are copyright of Project Phoenix Media. Project Phoenix Media has All Rights Reserved for its copyright unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. This includes any custom coding work we do or addons/plugins we make or we use on our servers,  that you use (direct or indirectly), any videos or online written material or content that we create. These terms may change at any given time without notice.

What This Means For You:

You, the content viewer and user, are free to use our content as you see fit as long as it does not infringe on our copyright or hurt commercial value. In layman’s terms. You may use our tutorials/software /coding work, to help you as they were intended, but if you are making money or bashing it’s reputation, or claim ownership on anything we own, that is against our terms. We have our content free of charge for the use of others, so if you are making money from it such as from ads or “ or similar websites”, we can/will send a DMCA takedown of the infringing content and/or sue for damages. If you want to use our content for commercial purposes, please use our “Contact Us Page” ( so we can discuss it. It’s obvious what is good and bad.

Our lawyers made us put up this page to protect our rights and content.