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Tunngle Game Collection #3

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***Read Below***
Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to make lots of Tunngle game tutorials. In today’s collection, I show you some games that work great in Tunngle. Tips and hints are below:

Games Showcased:
Halo: Combat Evolved
UAZ 4×4 Racing

Specific game hints:
All of the games showcase above work through the LAN menu or direct IP (if applicable). No special tricks required except the two games listed below:

Halo: Make sure to use server port = 11155. Leave client port as 2303.
If using direct IP method, make sure to type ip address:port. Example:

UAZ: You can leave the default port alone. No need to change.

If using Tunngle, remember to port forward UDP 11155! Also, make sure to use the latest game version. Contact your fellow Tunnglers to determine what game version they are using.

Trivia Facts:
1) The clothing of the Nox Character – I tried to make it all purple for a Pimp type look.
2) The recording of the games took a little over 2 hours after figuring out all the network issues and testing other scenarios (LAN menu vs direct IP).
3) The longest part is installing the games, not recording the videos.
4) We actually had 3 more games, but due to a x64 Windows 7 issue on Mustang end, I have to post pone those 3 secret games to the next Tunngle collection. 🙂

– Versatile

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