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Tunngle Game Collection #5

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***Read Below***
Update: Before some of you guys go ape sh*t on me, we know that 4 of the games in today’s video have Internet servers readily accessible. Why Tunngle (or any other VPN program) when you can use the Internet Servers? You don’t.

But to purely demonstrate LAN and save time (setting up LAN servers by myself is a real hassle with no real life volunteers), I reached out to volunteers to help assist with the game footage.

If you were thinking I was using Tunngle as a replacement for an Internet Server when there are more players on public servers than Tunngle, then you are mistaken. Why do people continue to make mountains out of mole hills?

I swear some of you guys are reading way too deep than what I intended. *sigh* But that’s all right, because if that provokes discussion, then so be it. Life continues on.
Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to make lots of Tunngle game tutorials. In today’s collection, I show you some games that work great in Tunngle (which is purely optional. We know some of these games have Internet already, but what if you don’t have Internet, or don’t want to go online? These games work for TRUE LAN perfectly). Tips and hints are below:

Games Showcased:
Doom 3 – Last Man Standing Coop Mod
Freedom Force
Halo Custom Edition
Soldier of Fortune
Sniper Ghost Warrior
Sniper Elite
Unreal Tournament

1) Remember to port forward udp 11155.
2) Use latest game versions with your fellow gamers.

Major thanks to D3yn0 for helping me record 7 games in a Sunday afternoon. Now thats beast! – Versatile

All games were recorded with Fraps, and on Windows 7 64-bit.

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