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Versatile’s Favorite Video of 2011

On January 24, 2013, Posted by , In YouTube, With No Comments

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In 2011, Hidraga notified me of an awesome method to find a particular game key, that can be used on many games created in 2010 or earlier. It required a proxy, a polish forum, and an email.

Unfortunately, Youtube has deleted the video not only once, but twice, so here is the third upload under a whole new name and tags. It is not obvious to the random searcher what this video is about, but alas, I may have to try it to see if Youtube is going to delete it. If Youtube does find this video, and deletes it, then the hell with it.

I’m going to upload it somewhere else for all to download. Enjoy. – Versatile

*Links For the Tutorial*
Pastebin to the real tutorial:
If it was not obvious, you need to activate the key inside the GFWL game.

Find this video’s wallpaper at:
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